Persimmon Crumble in a cast iron skillet on a bright blue background.
A whole tomato tart in a glassware tart pan surrounded by fresh tomatoes and herbs.
Watermelon and feta salad on a rectangular plate. The salad is garnished with pistachios and fresh, green herbs.
Kiwi smoothie in a glass bottle and two glasses on a golden tray.
Cumumber slices, burrata, fresh dill and fresh peas on three plates.
A close up of a lot of whole cardamom pods.
A flatlay of kiwi smoothie on bottles and glasses.
Chocolate and raspberry icecream on cups and cones. Fresh raspberries and chocolate blocks.
A flatlay of oven roasted pears on a white plate. The pears are cut in half and filled with crushed pecans and honey.
A wooden tray lined with a light grey kitchen cloth. One cinnamon roll on the cloths, that someone has taken a bite of.
Five Nordic cinnamon rolls stacked on a grey plate.
A table scene in a front of an open window. Theres is coffee mugs an cinnamon rolls on plates and in a basket, set to the table.
Nut granola in a black bowl on brown surface.
Nut granola in a glass jar. The photo has stopped the motion of granola been poured into the jar so there is granola floating in the air.
A very dark image of a black velvet muffin with a cake candle in it. The candle has just been blown as the smoke is still visible.
Pumpkin Spice mix a gray bowl and a wooden spoon sprinkling the spice in the bowl. The photo has frozen the motion of the spice in the air.
Coffee over night oats in a glass jar. A cup of coffee and edible violets.
A white wooden chair on a bridge. There is a cherry and ricotta cake on the chair along with fresh cherries. On the side of the chair there is a basket with a glass bottle, glasses and lemons.
Griller peaches on a plate. A hand ouzing honeys with a honey spoon.
Strawberry and lemon cake on a white cake stand. A bottle of lemonade and fresh strawberries on a plate.
A fall picnic scene. Cinnamon rolls and coffee. A lot of different sized and colored pumpkins as decor.
Four mini blueberry galettes on a white background. Fresh blueberries in a bowl.
Coffee over night oats a glass jars. A glass of milk and edible violets.
Cherry crumble in a cast iron skillet. Fresh cherries on a black plate. Black background.
An outdoor scene with a small table in the field. A ricotta and rhubarb cake on and lilacs on the table. A white wooden chair by the table.
A silver plate full of fresh strawberries. The plate is on a table covered with a white table cloths. A flatlay image.
White wooden board with apples framing it on the right side.
Oven roasted chestnuts in a black cast iron skillet. A bottle of red wine and a wine glass in the background.
A flatlay of a rhubarb and ricotta cake on a wooden board. Lilacs and fresh rhubarb stalks.
Different sized lemons on a silver tray.
Flat peaches on a wooden tray.
Cut and whole oranges.
An outdoor scene of a wooden table on the shade. Two glasses od yellow drink on the chair, a tray full of lemons by it and a green door in the back.
Five slices of quark tart on pink plates garnished with mini lemon slices.
A sunny out door scene of a setting on yellow drinks and lemons on a chair.
Pumpkin spice mix in a bowl.
Cherry crumble in a cast iron skillet.
Red chilies on a silver plate.
A flatlay of a rhubarb galette.
A close-up of a cracked wallnut.
Pine cones, whole nuts and wintery spice on a wood tray. A monochromatic brown image.
A close-up of whole hazelnuts.