Food Photography

Helsinki-based photographer working globally.

Every produce, recipe, and product has a story that deserves to be told visually.
Let me help you to bring that story live.

A girl sitting on old stone steps.
Flatlay photo of strawberries on a silver tray. The tray in on a table covered with white linen.
Two white oven dishes with black and red currant crisp in them.


I’m Veera, a food photographer living in Helsinki, Finland. My work is inspired by nature and seasonal produce. These two combined together tell strong stories that a viewer can relate to emotionally.

I create moments of beauty and I’m passionate about styling as a tool for storytelling.

I’m also a food blogger, have been for over ten years. My passion for food photography started from the passion of creating recipes. These two forms of art compliment each other; my photography brings alive the stories a heartful plate of food tells.

I work remotely with clients everywhere in the world.

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