I’m Veera Rusanen, food photographer from Helsinki, Finland.

I can work remotely with clients all over the world and I don’t mind traveling either.

Other than being a photographer I’m a mom of three kids, wife of one husband, and kind of mum of three cats.

My professional background is in the marketing and event industry.
From that background, I have strong expertise in project management and understanding target groups and clients’ needs.

Let’s bring your story live: [email protected]

My Approach to Photography

For me taking photos and creating beautiful storytelling scenes is a form of art. Creating is my happy place.

I get my inspiration from nature and the seasons. I love to highlight the beauty of seasonal produce and to take my subject outdoor into nature to tell a more profound story.

Lately, I have been interested in incorporating my Nordic heritage into my work too.

I started to take photos of food around 2006 when I started my first food blog for my recipes. Back then art and creativity weren’t the describing words for me taking photos. The first years of blogging I wouldn’t even call it photography, haha. Nowadays creating visual stories around my recipes compliment the recipe development process.

Contact me

Email me at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Photo by Leah Clancy